2004 Honda Rune Motorcycle/Work of Art Is Our Bring a Trailer Auction Pick

A concept bike come to life, it was built without regard for cost.

  • Created at an astonishing reduction, the Rune was Honda bending its own creative muscular tissue.
  • Using the Valkyrie as its base, the Rune possessed an extreme concept and countless custom-made chrome factors.
  • This example possesses about 6000 miles.

Honda isn’t recognized for flights of fancy, however the motorbike you view here is actually one instance where Honda went completely berserk. An obsessed pursuit of layout most of all more implied that the big H shed an eye-watering amount on the NRX1800 Rune. The development price was rumored to become $225 million, and also yet the creation operate was actually exceptionally confined.

This low-mileage 2004 Rune, resplendent in wine red paint, is up for auction on Bring a Trailer– which, like Car and Driver, becomes part of the Hearst Autos Group. It’s spinning sculpture, an idea bike gave birth to, yet it is actually likewise as simple as well as tractable to ride as any kind of Honda product.

In 2000, Honda displayed a triad of principle bikes at the Cycle World receive Long Beach, California. One idea, the T2, got all the interest. Participating in Honda staff members were astonished by the adoring groups, but there was actually a somewhat large catch. T2 really did not in fact operate, it was simply a design practice.

Honda determined to construct a creation version anyhow. To emphasize simply exactly how tough a task the designers were given, the silencers are cast using a lost-wax technique. The concept’s lovely radiator splits were actually just theoretically with the ability of dealing with the cooling roles for a twenty- to 30-hp engine, yet the production Rune’s 1832cc flat-six helps make 118 horse power, therefore Honda had to use ultra-conductive composite to help make the radiator lost sufficient warm.

Factoring in profitability and functionality, creating the Rune was actually an inability. Therefore, Honda merely threw those factors to consider away. As a halo bike, a development Rune would certainly enhance both the similar Gold Wing and also Valkyrie bikes. It is actually approximated that each Rune cost Honda in the neighborhood of $150,000 to develop. When brand new, each bike cost $25,000.

This 2004 style represents an option to possess a really cost-no-object maker, one along with a perfectly stunning concept. With everything chrome as well as ultra-low trip elevation, the Rune resembles the hero lorry coming from an activity movie. It is actually like a cross in between Akira and Duke Nukem.

As well as, considering that it’s a Honda, it’s additionally really rideable, with a torque-rich powerband completely grunty to retreat from a drop in best gear. The link is lightweight, the method routing frontal revocation creates a shockingly small turning cycle, as well as the reduced seat height makes it comfy in traffic.

The Rune is actually madness to check out, however fantastic to experience– as the leading prospective buyer will certainly uncover. The auction runs through May 22.